July 15, 2009


Here we go again!

I will be writing again, as things are definitely in flux. So there will be some thoughtful stuff, as I am moving in a slightly new direction. My emphasis will be on furniture, unless someone comes along with an offer I can't refuse. The residential casework that has been my bread and butter of the recent past has slowed to a miserable trickle. Not that the furniture market is any better. There is a small measure of despondency in my current outlook, but I have always been a fighter. I will figure out how to make this life continue to work.

Currently we are working on some case work for my wife's birthing center, as well as a bench for the tub room. There is also a lectern for a group of writers. They are donating it to their program and I am helping them out. There is also a desk and file drawers for a local business man. Perhaps I should make two? I'm excited about the design: a quarter arc of a doughnut with with curved privacy panels at the client side. We are planning on a leather writing surface. Local elm is the chosen material. I also have a small round end table in the works. Look for photos of these projects as they are built.

Thanks for reading.

Rob Hetler
Greenbank, WA

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